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Our Crew

Delta Mae
Blue pied



We recieved this pretty girl from Shelia Driscol at Driscol's Blue Gene Frenchies in March of 2013. She has a super compact body with a huge personality. She gets a long great with every person and dog she meets. She's very laid back and listens extremely well. We are super excited to see what little beauties she will produce.


Blue brindle



We recieved this hunk in January of 2013 and it didnt take long for us to fall deeply in love with him. He is super thick boned with a muscular build. He loves being around people, especially children, sometimes i swear he is human! He is the best co-pilot (he loves car rides), if you can forgive him for his occasional gas!


Audrey Lou
Blue Brindle


This fire cracker joined our gang in August of 2013. She just made her first birthday and is finally filling out her amazing structure. Audrey came from Mrs. Donna and Lacey at BlueHaven French Bulldogs in Northern Utah. Her personality truly matches her sweet face, she really is a absolute darling.



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