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Our frenchie obsession started in 2011. I purchased a retired frenchie from a local breeder. I initally wanted a puppy but the breeder was retiring from breeding all together and she only had adult dogs for sale. I brought home "Flirt" and thought, what did i get my self into! First of all this dog is 5 years old, and she has no intentions of making new friends, much less new parents! Long story short, She eventually warmed up to me and has been my shadow ever since! I started calling her "Effie" just to see if she would respond eventually, and she did!  She has a very defined personality and sometimes i swear she is human! Lucky for me she adores me, my Fiance' on the other hand, not so much!! That is what brought on the conversation of buying a male frenchie as a pet/shadow for him! As I looked around from breeder to breeder, website to facebook, wanted ads..etc falling in love with every puppy we saw, I knew one more wasn't gonna be enough..So we decided Effie will be getting up in age, (she is now 8 yo) lets get a male and female to breed that way we will never go without frenchies...


So here we are, our intentions iniatally were to own a lot of frenchies and breed so we can continue to own, and may recoup some of our money! ha! but that has all changed. The french bulldog breed has become an obsession and passion of ours. I care solely about the well-being of my dogs. I luckliy have 4 very healthy frenchies who i intend on breeding with the dogs well being as the fore most factor in any decision made! I've been blessed with very attractive dogs who catch people's eyes, their human-like personalitiles is what makes people fall in love! I do not take credit for these dogs amazing genes, they were bred by very excellent breeders who I felt very cofident in buying from!


 Southern French Bulldogs is not just your average breeder. Breeding is A LOT of work, but we do this as a hobby or a past time. We truly enjoy seeing life being created and being responsible for these animals survival/wellness. Our puppies are tended to around the clock, we all have day time jobs, of course (this isn't our career or main source of income) but all that goes on hold when a litter is born here. We are new to all this, and maybe that is why we are so dedicated, but we know with confidence our dogs are truly something great.

We cannot wait to see what these next few years have in store for Southern French Bulldogs













Note: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!!!!!!

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