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Puppy News!

October 25, 2014 our Delta had a litter of SIX!! Perfect little Halloween litter..

Two healthy girls WEDNESDAY, who is Blue Fawn and stunning and BUFFY she is Blue pied..Both girls seem to be doing well. The rowdy boys are, UNCLE FESTER, who is a Blue Brindle with a thick white line on his chest, SPOOKY he looks almost like Fester but he has more of a blue hue and his chest has a thin white line...CASPER, our 3rd little boy, is Blue Fawn Pied, and last but not least, our CHUCKY , AKA Fitz, He is reserved for the Cormier family.

November 16, 2014 Around 6;00pm on  Sunday night , Audrey starting showing signs of labor, few hours later she had two beautiful girls, Cheyenne and Dakota.

Pups seem to be doing well, an Audrey has become the best dog mother ever, really proud of her cannot wait to see what those beautiful girls will look like as they grow!











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